How much liquid should I use?
The cap of your 50 oz. bottle of detergent doubles as a measuring cup. Use 1/ 3 of a cap for small to normal loads. For larger loads or heavily soiled garments use 1/3 to 3/4 cap.

Do I put the detergent, pods, liquid, or powder, on top of the clothes or in the washer first?
Put the detergent in the washer before adding clothes. As the washer fills with water, the detergent will dissolve, and the active ingredients will be more evenly distributed throughout the wash load. This even distribution of the detergent will provide more consistent cleaning results.

Why do I occasionally have liquid residue from the pods on my clothes?
The coating/film on the pod did not have enough water to dissolve the pod. This is the result of the previous question when the pod was not placed in the wash tub before adding the clothes.

How can I combat excessive wrinkles in the dryer?
Too many clothes in a dryer will cause wrinkles. The dryer needs to have enough room for the clothes to tumble. When clothes are too tightly packed in a dryer they will " ball up" and the efficiency of the dryer will decrease, and wrinkles will result. It is also useful to use dryer sheets to reduce static electricity. Best advice is to use the cool down feature and immediately remove the laundry when the cycle is complete.

How full is too full a load?
It is really the amount of water you put on a load. There has to be enough water to wash, agitate and remove the dirt from the clothes. The surfactants are the agents that remove the dirt. Once the dirt is lifted off the clothes, it must be carried off the clothes with water. If there is not enough water, the dirt could be redeposited on the clothes.

Any best practice for getting heavily stained clothes clean?
Always use enough water to activate the detergent and allow the surfactants to work. For stubborn stains, you may want to run the machine for a few minutes so the clothes can get totally soaked. Turn the machine off and let the load sit overnight. In the morning, complete the wash cycle. Pre-spotting can also add to the removal of light stains.